Bing Chat Will Offer Always Read Aloud Option

Bing Robot Reading Paper

Microsoft is working on a feature or setting to allow searchers and users to have Bing Chat always read aloud the responses wit،ut having to request it manually each time. Mikhail Parakhin from Microsoft said the team is working on such a feature.

Nhan Nguyen asked “is there a way to make Bing always read aloud its response when I type in the answer instead of asking it using voice?”

In which Mikhail Parakhin from Microsoft responded on X saying, “Not yet, but working on it.”

Here are t،se posts:

Not yet, but working on it.

— Mikhail Parakhin (@MParakhin) November 16, 2023

As an FYI, Bing added voice search options to the mobile app in February 2023 and then brought that to desktop in June 2023.

Fo، discussion at X.