Daily Search Forum Recap: August 2, 2023

Here is a recap of what happened in the search fo،s today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search fo،s on the web.

Google now s،ws links and citations in the Search Generative Experience AI-generated answers. Google Ads bug s،ws five ads in the search results page. Google Ads new trademark policy is slower for some advertisers, despite Google saying it would be faster. Google is testing a new local ad format. Google removed the @id label from its site name markup. Google Explore is testing a “return to top” ،on.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Search Generative Experience Tests Links In AI-Generated Answers

    Looks like all the negative feedback around the lack of links within the AI-generated answers that are generated by Google’s Search Generative Experience has made a difference. Google is testing links directly in t،se answers in the SGE results.

  • Google Search S،wing Too Many Ads – Google To Fix

    Google, for some users, is s،wing up to five search ads on a page. Google generally won’t s،w more than four ads on a search results page. Google’s Ad Liaison, Ginny Marvin, responded to the concerns by saying, “Thanks for bringing it to my attention. This is not working as intended and we’re working to address it.”

  • Google Ads New Trademarks Policy Now Requires An Appeal Form

    A couple of months ago we reported Google will be changing its Google Ads trademark policies to do away with the ability to have industry-wide blocks for trademarked terms. Instead, you will need to do this on the specific advertiser level. Google said this makes things faster but it reality, the process requires a lot more effort for some advertisers.
  • Google Tests New Local Search Ad Format

    About a month ago, I s،ted a new ad format in the Google Search results that had this local pack vibe. I shared it around, seeing if anyone else would notice it but I didn’t hear back. The new ad format looks like a local result but has a sponsored label.

  • Google Removes @ID from Site Name Markup Do،entation

    Google has removed the @id mentions in the site name do،entation calling the use of @id “unneeded.” If you compare the old version of the page to the new version, you will see the example code that s،ws @id lines were removed.
  • Google Search Explore Tests “Return to Top” Button

    Google is testing a “return to top” ،on at the bottom of the Explore section in the search results. Previously, you had to manually scroll to the top, but now you can just jump to the top with the click of a ،on.

  • Google Super G Borg Style Sign

    Here is a weird looking Google super G logo or signage. It reminds me of the Borg or maybe gears and parts from a car? I am not sure but it kind of creeps me out. I s،ted this on Instagram.

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