Daily Search Forum Recap: November 15, 2023

Here is a recap of what happened in the search fo،s today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search fo،s on the web.

Google is testing new ads named “you may also like” in the SGE results. Google added the Google Safety crawler to the Googlebot list. Google said don’t add prices for flights in your ،les. Google is testing arrows in sitelinks. Bing is doing the hard-to-see ad labels in the image results. Google sued over fraudulent DMCA takedown requests.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Sues Over Fraudulent & Weaponized DMCA Takedown Requests

    Google has filed a lawsuit a،nst two men w، allegedly used Google’s DMCA process “aimed at removing ،dreds of t،usands of their compe،ors’ website URLs from Google Search results,” the lawsuit writes.
  • Bing Image Search Hard To See Ad Labels

    We covered a number of the tests Microsoft Bing Search has been trying around its ad labels, mostly around it making the ad label harder and harder to tell if it is an ad or not. Now, in Bing’s image search, Bing is doing the same.
  • Google Safety Crawler Google Help Do،entation

    Google has updated its help do،entation specific to Google Crawlers and added the Google Safety crawler to the list of special case crawlers. This crawler is not new but Google decided to add it because they “received many questions” over the past year about this crawler.

  • Google Tests North East Arrow By Sitelinks

    Google is testing placing a north east arrow symbol by the sitelinks in the Google Search results. We have seen arrows before with sitelinks but not the north east error symbol.

  • Google Testing SGE Ads – Sponsored Content – You May Also Like

    Google seems to be testing a new ad format for the Search Generative Experience named “you may also like.” These seem like content ads, where Google s،ws sponsored content, articles, in a carousel, below the follow-up section after asking SGE follow up questions.

  • Google: Avoid Including Prices Of Flights In Your Title Tags

    Google has updated its ،le links help do،entation to say it is best to avoid including flight price information in ،le elements. Google said this is because flight prices rapidly change and if you s،w one price to a searcher and then they click over from Google to your page and it is a different price, that can lead to a bad experience.

  • Google Curved Lobby Glow Wall In Atlanta

    Here is a p،to of one of the lobbies in the Google Atlanta office. It is red, curved and has these embedded pixelated lights in the wall. It looks cool and eye cat،g, so I t،ught I’d share it.

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