Google Business Profile: FAQ for Multiple Businesses at the Same Address

A: This topic has come to the fore, especially since Google’s rollout of the Possum filter on September 1, 2016. Businesses at the same address (or even in the same neighbor،od) that share a category and are competing for the same search phrases often have the disappointment of discovering that their GBP appears to be missing from the map while a co-located or nearby compe،or ranks highly. Google’s effort to deliver diversity causes them to filter out companies that they deem too similar when they’re in close proximity to one another.

If you find yourself currently in a scenario where you happen to be sharing a building with a compe،or, and you’ve been puzzled as to why you seem invisible on Google’s maps, zoom in on the map and see if your listing suddenly appears. If it does, chances are, you’re experiencing filtering.

If this is your predicament, you have a few options for addressing it. As a measure of last resort, you could relocate your company to a part of town where you don’t have to share a location and have no nearby compe،ors, but this would be an extreme solution. More practically speaking, you will need to audit your compe،or, comparing their metrics to yours, to discover why Google sees them as the stronger search results. From the results of your audit, you can create a strategy for surp،ing your opponent so that Google decides it’s your business that deserves not to be filtered out.