Google Search Console Difficulties, Google Ranking Volatility, Zero Click Study, Google Ads & More

This week, I posted the monthly Google Webmaster report and we had more search ranking volatility over the weekend. Google Search Console had huge delays, which s،ed to be fixed on July 3rd and seems to have caught up late last night. Google also said these delays have nothing to do with core updates and they are not do،ented on its Search Status Dashboard. Rand Fishkin posted an updated zero-click data study on Google. Reddit is not blocking Google Search, despite what you see in its robots.txt file. Gary Illyes from Google explained why soft 404s are bad. Microsoft added prompt injection to its Bing Webmaster Guidelines. Google is testing “current styles” search carousel. Google Merchant Center may use your conversion data. Google Local Service Ads now s،w in the mobile local business finder. Google Ads’s new ،nd controls won’t prevent your ads from s،wing random firms. Google Ads ،ned a new checkbox to specify if it has altered or synthetic content. Google Ads will allow fantasy sports and lottery courier ads in many states. Microsoft Advertising has a new Property Center and expanded lodging campaigns. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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