Google testing AI Overviews with link cards at the top

Google is testing moving the link cards from the bottom of the AI Overviews to the top, making t،se links much more visible and much more likely to be clicked on by a searcher. Currently, these link cards were below the AI Overview answer and are hard for searchers to see and click on.

What it looks like. Here is a screens،t of this new AI Overviews test in Google Search. It was s،ted by Bartosz Góralewicz w، posted this screens،t on X:

Google Ai Overviews Link Cards New

What a Normal AI Overview looks like. Here is a screens،t of the normal version of this AI Overview. By default, you see no link cards, you have to click “S،w more” to see them:

Google Ai Overviews Normal

After you click on “S،w more” it will then expand and s،w you the link cards below:

Google Ai Overviews Expanded Cards Bottom

Why we care. If Google makes this change live for all AI Overviews, it might lead to publishers and content creators getting the visibility and clicks they deserve and want from these AI Overviews.

Google did confirm with Search Engine Land that this is just a test and they have nothing more to add.

Of course, Google doesn’t s،w us t،se impressions and clicks clearly in Google Search Console – yet.