Google To Discontinue Google News Magazine Support December 1

Boy Reading Magazine Google Logo

Google announced that it will discontinue its Google News magazine service s،ing on December 1, 2023. Any magazines you purchased and that are available within the Google News apps or to your li،ry of magazines will be removed.

Ashwarya from the Google team posted this news in the Google News Help Fo، saying, “Support for magazine content in Google News is being discontinued beginning on December 1, 2023, which means if you previously purchased or subscribed to magazines, access from Google News apps or to your li،ry of magazines will be removed.”

You have until December 11, 2023 to export your magazines to keep them, otherwise they will be removed and you won’t have access to the old ones anymore.

Google added, “To continue to access previously purchased magazine content, we are providing the opportunity to export and save each purchased issue. In some cases, purchased magazines contain interactive elements that cannot be downloaded and saved for future access, and we are offering a refund for this content.”

Google said they will send “an email with the subject line “An update to Google News magazine support” which will contain a link to your download page and/or a unique link to your refund request form if eligible.”

You will have the opportunity to export your magazines and/or submit the form to claim your refund until December 11, 2023.

Here is more on ،w to get refunds.

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