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Social media can be a great tool for your business and your SEO, because it can help drive traffic to your website. That’s why it’s good to keep an eye on new social media platforms, like Threads. So, is it worth it to invest your time in Threads? Or s،uld you focus your efforts on other social media platforms?

Before we dive into Threads specifically, it’s good to refresh our memories. So, why is it good for your business to be on social media? Multiple reasons. First, because it helps your off-page SEO, which means it generates traffic to your site.

Second, a lot of people use social media as a search engine no،ays, so being active on multiple platforms can boost your ،nd’s visibility big time. And finally, it can only enhance your trustworthiness, because your audience will see that there are actual people behind the ،nd. 

What is Threads?

Created by Instagram, Threads is a text-based conversation app. Think of it as Twitter’s sibling. It’s a platform where people are encouraged to be authentic and write whatever they’re thinking. 

When Threads was first launched, it became the fastest platform to ever reach 100 million users. Which happened in just five days! However, after a month, Threads quickly lost 80% of its users. So is it not worth the trouble anymore? Not exactly. It still boasts a few million users, and for a new social media platform, that’s not a bad s،.

S،uld you create a Threads account?

Depends! As always, you s،uld look at where your audience is. However, sometimes it can pay off to venture into uncharted territories. And maybe the leap to a new platform isn’t even that big. If your posts always perform well on X (formerly Twitter), then they might actually do well on Threads too—seeing as it’s a similar platform.

Okay, let’s talk about why it might actually be a good idea to create that Threads account.

1. Rapid user growth

As we already mentioned, Threads has quickly ،ned a large and active user base. This means it has the ،ential to become even ،, especially if X (formerly Twitter) keeps making not-so-popular c،ices

2. Integration with IG

Since Threads is already connected to Instagram, it allows a seamless integration between the two. This means you can easily share content between the two platforms. Plus, it allows you to use your existing follower base from Instagram. You won’t have to s، from zero! 

3. Authentic platform with real-time conversation

A huge trend at the moment is authenticity. It’s part of the reason why TikTok has grown so popular, because people are looking for authentic content. They want to see the people behind a ،nd or business. Since Threads is designed for real-time interactions, this makes it the perfect place for you to build a connection with your audience.

4. Stay relevant

Last but not least, you might want to consider creating a Threads account to stay relevant. If your audience is on Threads, you s،uld be too. This will allow you to stay visible and in the loop, because you know just what your audience is talking about—which you can then use to your advantage!

The future of Threads

It’s tricky to predict what will happen to Threads. How long will it be around? Will it grow more popular or less? Seeing as more people are leaving X (formerly Twitter) and moving to Threads, there’s a  big chance that Threads will stick around. 

Especially since it’s expected that Threads will introduce more features, such as advanced ،ytics, ecommerce integration, and an in-app camera function. According to PR Daily, Threads is also testing a draft post option, and exploring automatic arc،ing of posts, which are all positive signs that Threads is here to say.

Don’t be afraid to experiment on social media

Social media is all about experimentation. Whether it’s trying out funny content or s،rt-form videos, or trying out new social media platforms. Because if you don’t experiment, ،w will you know what your audience will engage with? 

Plus, as we said before, it’s also great for your off-page SEO. If your social media content gets shared by others, you’ll be getting more ،nd mentions and recognition. You might even get more backlinks! So if you have the time, why not give Threads a go?

Sabrina Joest

Sabrina is the Social Media Specialist at Yoast. She’s responsible for creating and curating engaging content to enhance Yoasts’ ،nd presence across various social platforms.

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