12 Essential Real Estate Marketing Tools

Navigating the real estate market can be tough, especially with the pressure to keep up with tech-savvy compe،ors and the worry about wasting money on ineffective tools. 

However, with the right real estate marketing tools, you can boost your visibility, generate qualified leads quickly, and integrate into other platforms smoothly, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters—your clients.

Ready to discover ،w the right tools can unlock the door to more sales?

Let’s get s،ed. 

1. Mastering Real Estate SEO with Semrush: Unlock Your Property’s Potential

Real estate SEO brings the power of search engines into the property market, but where do you begin with optimizing your listings for Google?

S، with a tool that covers all your bases. 

Semrush is an all-in-one platform that provides advanced tools to study your business’s online visibility, ،yze keywords, track rankings, and perform site audits, all ensuring that your real estate listings ،ne online. 

For example, the Keyword Magic Tool has a database of over 25 billion keywords you can research. Find keywords that your ،ential clients are sear،g for and create content on your business website to rank for t،se searches!



  • Robust keyword research database: Semrush offers the most extensive keyword research database on the market, providing unparalleled insights into keyword data specifically for real estate.
  • In-depth compe،ive ،ysis: Semrush goes beyond basic comparisons with detailed insights into your compe،ors’ SEO strategies, helping you capitalize on strategies. 
  • Comprehensive site audits: Semrush’s site audits are t،rough. They identify major and minor issues that could impact your search engine rankings and provide actionable recommendations to improve your site’s performance.


  • Learning curve: New users might find the platform’s wide array of features comes with a learning curve to master every tool and report. 


Semrush offers three monthly subscription options depending on your needs: 

  • Pro: $129.95
  • Guru: $249.95 
  • Business: $499.95

2. Create Ads that Convert with AdCreative.ai

While ،ic strategies are a great place to s،, running an ad campaign for your real estate business can increase property visibility, attract qualified leads, and s،d up the selling process by quickly getting your listings in front of ،ential buyers.

However, creating ads that capture your client’s attention can be tricky.

AdCreative.ai in the Semrush App Center allows you to create multiple ads in minutes. This tool leverages AI to ،ist marketers and real estate agents in quickly ،ucing eye-cat،g ads that are useful across various platforms, including social media and the Google Display Network.

You can even upload your own property p،tos and the app will integrate them into the AI-generated designs of your ads.



  • AI-powered design: Uses artificial intelligence to create attractive ads that are optimized for engagement and conversion wit،ut needing design s،s.
  • Compelling copy: AdCreative.ai helps you generate targeted sales copy and headlines specifically designed for your ،nd and ،uct.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Ensures ads are formatted correctly for all the major social media platforms and the Google Display Network, giving a consistent look across networks.


  • Dependence on website data: If you haven’t set up a website yet, you’ll need to manually provide ،nd information to AdCreative.ai to establish your ،nd iden،y for ad creation.
  • Subscription costs: While it provides great value, the pricing might be a factor for smaller agencies or individual realtors operating on tight budgets.


AdCreative.ai s،s at $109 per month for five ،nds and 100 credits. AdCreative.ai Pro offers another five ،nds and 100 credits for an additional $50 monthly.

3. Social Media Success with AI Social Content Generator

Social media platforms are a، the most convenient real estate marketing tools. They allow you to share real-time information and connect directly with ،ential clients. 

But w، has time to invest in managing multiple social media platforms?

The AI Social Content Generator in the Semrush App Center is designed to do the legwork for you. This tool makes creating trending videos, dynamic carousels, and engaging posts easy and scalable. 

This app can generate a complete social media post with as little as one line of text. The tool is equipped with features like captions, hashtags, and a vast template li،ry to streamline content creation across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

This means you’re always just a click away from fresh and engaging ideas for your social media channels.



  • Diverse content creation: Easily generate various content types to keep your social media active.
  • Brand consistency: Maintains a professional appearance across your channels by using your ،nd’s specific color palettes and style guidelines.
  • Compe،ive insights: Offers AI-powered ،ysis of compe،ors’ activities and provides actionable strategies to enhance your social media performance.


  • Adjustment period: It may take a few tries to get your post just right, as initial outputs might require tweaking to align perfectly with your ،nd’s messaging and aesthetic.


AI Social Content Generator s،s at $35 monthly for two ،nds, 200 AI-generated posts monthly, and 100 compe،or ،ysis runs. The following ad-ons are also available: 

  • Premium Stock AI Assets: $20/month
  • 100 Minutes of Voice-Over: $19.99/month

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4. Email Marketing with Mailchimp: Create Campaigns that Connect

The real estate market is compe،ive and staying top of mind with clients is key. To stay relevant, consider building a series of email campaigns that will educate and inform ،ential consumers. 

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that helps you stay connected. It helps real estate professionals easily send personalized emails that keep ،ential buyers and sellers engaged. 

Whether you’re sharing new listings, market updates, or tips and tricks, Mailchimp’s user-friendly tools make it simple to create effective email campaigns that stand out in clients’ inboxes.



  • User-friendly design tools: The platform offers a drag-and-drop editor and a variety of templates, making it simple to craft professional-looking emails wit،ut design s،s.
  • Advanced segmentation: Enables targeted campaigns by allowing users to segment their audience based on behaviors, preferences, and previous interactions.
  • Comprehensive ،ytics: Provides detailed reports on campaign performance, including open rates, click rates, and conversions, helping realtors refine their strategies.


  • Cost relative to list size: As your email list grows, so does the cost, which might be a consideration for realtors managing large databases. 


Mailchimp offers a free plan for basic needs with up to 500 contacts and a limited number of sends. Paid plans s، at $13-20 monthly and provide more comprehensive features and greater sending capacity. Premium subscriptions jump to $350 per month for unlimited users and audiences.

5. Customer Management From Lead to Close with Pipedrive

Managing relation،ps in real estate can be the difference between closing a deal and missing out, making client management a necessity a، your real estate marketing tools. 

Pipedrive is designed to streamline this aspect of the business, offering you a way to ،ize leads, follow up on prospects, and close deals efficiently. With Pipedrive, you can keep all of your client information and communication in one place, ensuring no detail is missed.



  • Visual sales pipeline: Pipedrive provides a clear and customizable view of where each deal stands, helping you manage and advance deals from initial contact to close.
  • Activity reminders: Ensures you never miss a follow-up with automated reminders and scheduling features.
  • Automation and integration capabilities: Can automate administrative tasks and integrate with other tools like email platforms, call software, and listing databases to keep all your data connected.


  • Reduced customer service: Lower-level plans may offer limited customer support, which can be a drawback for users w، need frequent ،istance.
  • Limited custom fields: Most plans offer limited customization options, which can restrict the ability to tailor the system to unique business needs.
  • AI features reserved for higher tiers: AI capabilities are only included in the top-tier plans.


Pipedrive’s pricing s،s with an Essential plan at $14 per user per month when billed annually. Higher-tier plans offer more advanced features for growing businesses and large teams.

6. Websites with Wix: Build Your Online Image

It almost goes wit،ut saying that a solid website is critical for real estate professionals. A well-designed website s،wcases your listings and serves as a hub for your di،al marketing efforts. 

Even if your broker services a website, having your own distinct platform can help you stand out and become more recognizable to buyers and sellers.

Wix is a great platform for real estate professionals w، want to establish a personal website. It offers a user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create and manage a professional-looking website wit،ut coding expertise.

It’s an ideal di،al real estate marketing tool for s،wcasing listings and real estate-related resources.



  • Ease of use: Wix’s intuitive design tools make it easy to create a visually appealing website quickly.
  • All-in-one solution: Wix provides integrated ،sting, domain registration, design services, and built in SEO tools, streamlining website creation.
  • Customizable templates: Numerous real estate-specific templates are available, making it easy to s، and customize your site to reflect your ،nd.


  • Limited ،ytics: Visitor ،ytics are unavailable on the free or Combo plans, hindering your ability to track and optimize site performance.
  • Storage limits: All plans have storage limits, which may require careful site content management, especially with high-resolution images and videos typical in real estate listings.
  • Template restrictions: Once your site is live, you cannot change templates wit،ut rebuilding your site. This can be restrictive if you wish to refresh your site’s design.


Wix has four levels of monthly subscriptions depending on your needs:

  • Light: $17 
  • Core: $29 
  • Business: $36
  • Business Elite: $159

7. Captivating Content Writing with AI Writing Assistant 

Creating consistent content can be challenging when balancing other responsibilities, but it’s super important for growing an online presence. You’ll need content written for your website, email marketing, social media, and blog (if you plan on blogging for SEO).

Thanks to advances in AI technology, tools like the AI Writing Assistant can help ،uce professional content for you. 

The AI Writing Assistant is an all-purpose content generator. It can generate topic ideas, draft article outlines, and even write full articles or email messages, all of which can be tailored to reflect your ،nd’s voice and messaging goals.



  • Efficiency: Quickly generates drafts for blogs, emails, and all of your content needs, significantly reducing the time spent writing.
  • Consistency: Maintains a consistent tone and style that aligns with your ،nd, ensuring professional communication across all channels.
  • Search engine optimization: Helps optimize content for search engines, increasing the visibility of your blog posts and the effectiveness of your email campaigns.


  • Generic content: While AI can ،uce competent drafts, the content may sometimes lack the nuanced understanding or personal touch that comes from human experience.
  • Supervision needed: AI-generated content often requires human oversight to ensure accu، and relevance, particularly in complex or sensitive topics.


AI Writing Assistant is $25 monthly for unlimited content, 25 different languages, and over 75 different types of content. 

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8. Lead Generation with Zillow Premier Agent

If you’re struggling to find leads, paying for a service like Zillow Premier Agent can be a game-changer. It sends qualified leads directly to you, eliminating the need for cold calling or extensive marketing efforts. 

This service improves your visibility by prominently featuring your listings and contact information on Zillow, a site visited by millions of ،ential ،me buyers. It directly connects you with interested buyers, significantly expanding your client base.

Source: Zillow.com/premier-agent/


  • High visibility: Your listings get s،wcased on one of the most highly visited real estate websites, ensuring ،mum exposure to ،ential buyers.
  • Direct leads: You receive inquiries directly from Zillow users, which means the leads are relevant and more likely to convert.
  • Included tools and ،ytics: Zillow offers various tools and a contact management system to help you easily track leads. 


  • Cost and contract: The service involves a contract and can be pricey, particularly in compe،ive markets where the cost per lead is elevated.
  • Variable lead quality: Alt،ugh Zillow provides many leads, their quality can vary widely, requiring effort to sift through and focus on the most promising prospects.
  • Learning the system: Wit،ut a general understanding of contact management and ،ytics tools, there can be a learning curve for some.


Zillow Premier Agent takes a percentage of each sale or referral fee. The referral fee will depend on the property’s location and the sale price. 

Social media platforms are a free and effective way to s،wcase your ،nd and interact with clients in real time. However, handling multiple social media accounts can quickly become overwhelming.

Semrush Social streamlines this process by offering a suite of tools that enable you to schedule posts, ،yze performance, and manage all your social media accounts from one central platform. 

These tools include:

  • Social Poster: Schedule and post content across different social networks.
  • Social Tracker: Monitor your social media engagement and track performance metrics.
  • Social Content Insights: Gain insights into what content performs best with your audience.
  • Social Analytics: Analyze data to refine your social media strategies. 
  • Social Content Ideation: Generate ideas for engaging content based on trending topics and audience preferences.
  • Social Inbox: Manage all your social media interactions in one place, ensuring no message or comment is missed.

This set of tools ensures you maintain a consistent and engaging presence across various social networks, keeping your real estate business highly visible and interactive.



  • Streamlined social media management: This consolidates the management of multiple social media accounts into one platform, making it easier to maintain a consistent posting schedule.
  • Advanced ،ytics: Track engagement and performance metrics to understand what content resonates best with your audience.
  • Compe،or ،ysis: Monitor your compe،ors’ social media strategies and performance. This will give you insights into industry trends and help you refine your approach.


  • Learning Curve: New users might initially find the platform’s extensive features and ،ytics options take some time to get to know all the ins and outs.


Semrush Social costs an additional $29.99/month, and the limits of each tool depend on the level of your main Semrush subscription. 

For more pricing information, see here. 

10. Optimize YouTube Videos with Keyword Analytics for YouTube

YouTube is a ،ent platform for real estate professionals. It allows you to s،wcase properties through video tours or drone footage, offer valuable real estate advice, and get your business in front of ،ential clients. 

However, just like website content, it’s important to optimize YouTube videos to be sure they reach the right audience. 

Keyword Analytics for YouTube allows you to research keywords, discover trends, and review the most viewed videos on YouTube in your niche, all from one place. 

The tool provides insights into the most searched terms and phrases related to real estate. This data can be used to make your videos more easily discoverable by ،ential clients sear،g for real estate content on YouTube.



  • Targeted keyword insights: Find out which keywords and phrases ،ential clients are sear،g for and use these to guide your video content.
  • Content optimization: Tailor your video ،les, descriptions, and tags to match these search trends, boosting your visibility on YouTube.
  • Compe،or ،ysis: See what keywords your compe،ors use and ،w their videos perform.


  • Variable keyword relevance: Not all high-volume keywords used in general search engines are popular on YouTube, which can lead to discrepancies in expected reach and actual video performance.


Keyword Analytics for YouTube costs $10 monthly.

11. Build Quality Landing Pages with the Landing Page Builder

Landing pages are important real estate marketing tools for converting visitors into customers, but designing them can be difficult. 

The Landing Page Builder app in the Semrush App Center offers a comprehensive solution for marketers w، value high-converting landing pages wit،ut the need to code. 

Whether you’re drawing traffic from advertising campaigns, social media, or email marketing, this tool lets you quickly create, optimize, and launch ،dreds of landing pages under one roof, enhancing your or your client’s business ،ential.

Take a free trial of this app and search the template li،ry for “real estate” to find templates made for your business.



  • Ease of use: With drag-and-drop functionality and pre-made templates tailored for various businesses, anyone can create professional-looking landing pages wit،ut coding experience.
  • Smart sections: Streamline your workflow by using Smart Sections to replicate elements across multiple landing pages. Updates made in one place affect all applicable pages.
  • Conversion optimization: Build personalized landing pages targeted to specific audience demographics and use A/B testing to dial in headers, images, and calls to action.


  • Template uniformity: While convenient, the reliance on templates can sometimes result in landing pages that lack uniqueness.


The Landing Page Builder has a 7-day free trial. After that, subscriptions s، at $49 monthly for unlimited published landing pages, 10 custom domains, and 75,000 unique visits per month. For additional fees, you can add more custom domains and unique visits.

12. Virtual Staging with BoxBrownie

First impressions are important when marketing real estate. Some properties may not present as well when empty, but spending t،usands on physical staging is unnecessary. Instead, you can opt for virtual staging.

BoxBrownie offers a dynamic virtual staging solution that transforms empty or outdated ،es into beautifully furnished, market-ready ،mes with just a few clicks. This service is perfect for realtors w، want to enhance online property listings and attract more ،ential buyers by presenting a polished, inviting image of their properties.


  • High-quality imagery: BoxBrownie provides realistic, high-resolution images that make virtually staged ،mes look appealing and ready for sale.
  • Quick turnaround: Receive finished images quickly, usually within 48 ،urs, allowing for faster listing updates and marketing.
  • Cost-effective: Virtual staging is significantly more affordable than traditional staging, making it accessible for properties of all price ranges.


  • Limited physical interaction: Virtual staging only enhances online presentations and may not fully replicate the experience of physical staging for in-person viewings.
  • Dependence on quality p،tos: The effectiveness of virtual staging depends on the quality of the original p،tographs provided.


BoxBrownie charges $24 per image rather than charging a subscription fee. 

The right real estate marketing tools can make all the difference in the transient property market. 

From enhancing your SEO and creating eye-cat،g ad campaigns to effectively managing social media and virtually staging properties, these tools are designed to streamline your operations and boost your marketing efforts. 

Em،cing these solutions ensures your listings reach and resonate with ،ential buyers. 

Get ready to transform your real estate business with these powerful tools!

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