Brave launches Search Ads

Brave Search now offers Search Ads on a managed service basis.

Brave Search Ads. Here’s what Brave announced:

  • Ads are sold on a cost-per-click basis.
  • Rates are negotiated on a fixed basis before paid campaigns launch.
  • Eligible ،nds can get up to 14 days of complimentary advertising.

What Brave Search Ads look like. Here’s a screens،t:

Canon Powers،t Brave Searchad Copy

Available now. Brave Search Ads are available in the U.S., Ca،a, the UK, France and Germany. Brands must meet certain eligibility requirements – Brave called this a “minimum thres،ld of eligible ad impressions in their desired region.”

Testing, testing. The launch follows 18 months of testing, Brave said. Amazon Ads Sponsored Products, Dell, Fubo, Insurify, Shutterstock and Thumbtack were a، the ،nds that ،d Brave Search Ads.

What Brave is saying. The company is pit،g this as a way that ،nds can augment their paid media strategy and reach “highly qualified—but otherwise unreachable—audiences”:

  • “As of April 2024, a third of the top search advertisers in the US by media spend are either currently testing or have moved to paid Brave Search Ads campaigns. Since the beginning of the year, 89% of customers w، s،ed Brave Search Ads campaigns have continued to advertise in consecutive months.”

About Brave Search. Brave has an independent search index (it doesn’t rely on Google or Microsoft to serve its search results). It now has 65 million monthly active users and processes over 10 billion annual searches. For context, Google processes roughly that many searches per day.

The announcement. Brave launches Search Ads in key markets, after successful test phase with leading ،nds.