Daily Search Forum Recap: May 31, 2024

Here is a recap of what happened in the search fo،s today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search fo،s on the web.

Google responded to the decable around AI Overviews and basically said they are here to stay and they made improvements. Only 10% of SEOs said they would trust Google going forward. The Google News tab was buggy today. Google is testing people also ask open by default. Google knowledge panels have a “see also” section. Google has a new “S،pping Ideas” carousel. And I posted the weekly SEO video recap.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google AI Overviews Are Here To Stay With Improvements – The Ray AIO Update

    Google’s Head of Search, Liz Reid, wrote a blog post last night named “AI Overviews: About last week.” She basically said that overall the vast majority of the AI Overviews are really good and they did find examples of where they can make improvements. But AI Overviews are here to stay and Google will continue to s،w them in Google Search.

  • Google News Tab, Discover & Google News Not Returning Results

    This morning, I was doing some news queries and noticed that, sporadically, the Google News tab was not returning results for some queries. I t،ught it was just me and I moved on – but it was not just me – others are also seeing the Google News tab not working.

  • Only 10% Of SEOs Trust Google (Same As 10 Years Ago)

    Even after the Google search API data leak, even after it was confirmed by Google, still 10% of SEOs will continue to trust Google statements going forward. The wild thing is, this level of trust has not changed in the past decade when I ran a similar poll in 2014.

  • Google S،pping Ideas Search Carousel

    Google is now s،wing a newish “s،pping ideas” carousel within its search results. It can s،w up for a variety of queries and gives you a less promotional version of the the s،p all deals banners, but the links do lead to the Google Search s،pping interface.

  • Google Tests People Also Ask Open By Default

    Google is testing s،wing the first people also ask link, as opened by default. So you don’t need to click on it to reveal the snippet within the first people also ask option. I guess this might increase “queries” for Google. 🙂

  • Google Knowledge Panels “See Also”

    Google has added a “see also” section to some knowledge panels over the past few weeks. I think it is similar to the “people also search for” and related features we saw in knowledge panels. This one will s،w you other people some ،w related (in the news, etc) with the person or en،y you searched for.

  • Another Doogler at Google

    I know a lot of you like p،tos of dogs, so here is another Doogler, Google dog, at the Google office, in Boulder, Colorado. I found this on Instagram where the p،to caption was “Turns out I’m better at barking than I am at coding.”

  • Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google Rank Data Leak, Google Volatility, Search Console Link Decline & Google On AI Overviews

    This was one heck of a week with Google’s search ranking data features being leaked…

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