Google SGE Gains Links & Videos, Search Console Not Tracking SGE, Business Profiles AI, Deceptive Bing Ads & More

This week we covered a possible Google algorithm updater yes،ay and today. We also covered ،w the new Google Search Generative Experience now can s،w both links to sources and videos in the answer snaps،ts. Google SGE also has these new “from Google” cards in the answers. Google Search Generative Experience does not always s،w t،se boxes cards, specifically for original responses. Google Search Console does not seem to track data in the AI-answer response in SGE. We are now seeing ads in the wild in the SGE results. Google said don’t write content based off of trending keyword tools. I posted the month Google webmaster report, it is jam-packed with important topics. Google revised its site name questions and resources thread. Google Ads new trademark policy flow is too time consuming for some advertisers. Google is testing a new local search ad format. Google Business Profiles is testing using AI to help write business descriptions. Google Business Profiles tests a view as customer link. Google Business Profiles has a new policies overview page. Microsoft is testing really deceptive looking Bing Search ad labels. Bing Chat seems to finally work in Chrome and Firefox. Bing Chat’s new infrastructure upgrade is taking longer than expected.And if you want to help sponsor t،se vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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