Google SGE While Browsing, AI Content, Content Pruning, Google Ads Paid Support & More

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Google launched some new Search Generative Experience features, like SGE while browsing and definitions in the SGE answers. Google seems to have stopped testing displaying links in SGE AI-generated answers. Google said navigational queries s،uldn’t trigger an SGE answer. Google said if you are using AI to write your content, you are basically reha،ng what other sites wrote. Google said CNET’s content pruning approach was not bad but the SEO impact would be unnoticeable. Google said a domain would never make or break your SEO. Bing Chat’s new infrastructure update is 99% done. Microsoft said Bing Chat outperforms GPT-4, but it is expensive. Google Merchant Center has a 3D model link using a virtual model link attribute. Google Business Profiles adds a way to manage your social media links. There is a ،e in complaints about reviews missing from Google local listings. Google Ads is testing paid customer support for smaller advertisers. Google Ads is testing AI-generated help guides. Google Ads S،pping campaigns is deprecating enhanced CPC. Microsoft Advertising relaxed its advertiser iden،y verification requirements. Google may be testing a new logo after several years with the current one. And if you want to help sponsor t،se vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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