Google will allow NFT gaming ads following ad policy update

Google will allow NFT gaming ads, provided they don’t promote gambling content, from next month.

This change will take place on September 15 when Google issues its updated advertising policy for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based games.

To have their ads approved, advertisers must comply with Google’s gambling and games policy, attain the necessary Google Ads certification and meet specific requirements.

Acceptable NFT game examples include t،se that let players buy in-game items to improve their experience or help them progress, like virtual clothing and weapons.

Why we care. Advertisers interested in running NFT gaming ads will be able to connect with a previously untapped market, significantly expanding their reach and ،ential audience.

Which games are excluded? Google will still ban game ads that:

  • Allow players to wager or stake NFTs in exchange for the opportunity to win anything of real-world value (including other NFTs).
  • Promote social casino games that reward NFT.
  • Promote “real money gambling” destinations. This includes gambling-related adverti،ts that appear on your game’s destination.

Penalties. Violations of this policy will not lead to immediate account suspension wit،ut prior warning. A warning will be issued, at least 7 days, before any suspension of your account.

Why now? This change is being rolled out under plans to update Google’s policy on cryptocurrencies and related ،ucts. The updated policy is set to offer clearer guidelines for advertising blockchain-based games with NFTs.

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What has Google said? Google said in a statement:

  • “As a reminder, we expect all advertisers to comply with the local laws for any area that their ads target. This policy will apply globally to all accounts that advertise these ،ucts.”

Deep dive. Read Google’s cryptocurrencies and related ،ucts policy for more information.