Lance Bachmann On Local Search Marketing & Getting New Customers

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In part one with Lance Bachmann, we spoke a lot about business, growing a business and his p،ion for his employees. In part two, we dig more into marketing. When it comes to local search he said most companies miss the mark by not focusing on Google Business Profiles and reviews.

When you look at a business listing on Google for a business, you need to make sure the p،tos for that business represent the business professionally. You also need to make sure your reviews say good things about the business. Using local ads for Google Maps is important.

He said he practices what he preaches, and his businesses do di،al marketing, SEO, local SEO, social media, etc to drive business to his businesses.

He finds it sad that so many small businesses are not willing to spend money on their websites. You need to earn your business, you need to keep your business, and you need to get customers to trust you. Lance said it is very little about having the best prices, he isn’t doing business at the lowest price. He beats through the best ،ucts and customer services.

Lance said even with 600 customers, they still vet customers and turn customers away. A،n, this comes from his p،ion for caring deeply about his employees.

It’s a hustle business, he said, like any business, his businesses are a hustle business. We spoke about what he means by hustle and what he means by that. He spends a ton of his time mostly on the higher level side, he is not in the day to day of operations for any of his companies.

You can learn more about Lance Bachmann at Lance Bachmann Capital and 1SEO Di،al Agency.

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