Pioneering the Generative AI Future

Since BrightEdge began and launched the industry’s first Enterprise SEO platform, we have been pioneering ،w our marketers approach SEO. The foundation we have built at BrightEdge grows stronger. We have surp،ed $100 million in revenue, work with over 57% of Fortune 100, and have over 8,500 ،nds utilizing BrightEdge. All using (our own) best-of-breed data, and all in one unified platform.

At BrightEdge, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

This s،ed with building the Data Cube and inventing the industry’s first technology to measure share of voice (SOV) in SEO. As we grew, we connected data pipes from ،dreds of systems for t،usands of customers with BrightEdge Connect. With BrightEdge Instant, we took SEO real-time, and with BrightEdge Autopilot, we brought the only proven self-driving SEO AI technology to market.

Today we are taking this even further.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen a 3X adoption of our AI ،ucts, and it is incredible to think of ،w Autopilot alone has uplifted performance for our customers by an average of 65%.

From taxonomy, internal linking, metadata optimization, and the detection and automated fixing of site errors, Autopilot has helped over 2,000 ،nds across every type of industry.

  • 60% increase in page views per visit
  • 21% more keywords on Page 1 rankings.
  • 2X increase in conversions
  • 28% improvement in ad quality score.
  • 104m images automatically optimized daily.
  • 35% of pages with faster mobile page s،ds.

As we ،ft to an AI-First company, we are perfectly positioned to help marketers capitalize on the Generative AI journey opportunity.

Now is the time to hyper-accelerate innovation in this area.

With a 120-strong specialized engineer team and plans to double our R&D investments via BrightEdge Labs, we’re gearing up for even more breakthrough technology.

This is a transformative period for our industry, and to take full advantage of this, I am very excited to be driving innovation and Generative AI advancements in the industry, as Founder and Executive Chairman.

As I focus on driving innovation in partner،p with our engineering team, customers, and key partners, I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Krish Kumar as the CEO of BrightEdge.

Krish Kumar is appointed the CEO of BrightEdge

Krish’s leader،p over the last five years, and deep understanding of our market and the di،al marketing landscape, has been a cornerstone of our growth. With Krish at the helm of company operations, we will break even more new ground.

Krish and I will work closely together, each attending to pivotal facets of our business to propel our customers on their AI journeys.

The future of search lies in the fusion of SEO, content, and Generative AI.

As we continue to take our propel the market to new levels, I look forward to helping drive and launch more ground-breaking innovations that will continue to shape the future of SEO.

Thank you all for being an indispensable part of BrightEdge’s journey.

Jim Yu

Founder and Executive Chairman, BrightEdge


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